Thursday, October 8, 2009

october 8, 2000

no, not the wrong date... :)

9 years ago today shawn and i embarked on this dating adventure... and an adventure that we are still on! i love my husband and i am so glad that 9 years ago today we took this little walk on fall retreat (yes, on a retreat with a bunch of HS students... i think it was a sign... :) and talked about dating and how we were interested in each other and all that good stuff! i love it! i love the road that God has taken us down and i look forward with excitement, knowing that God has given me shawn to walk with! i think about how my life used to not have shawn in it and how foreign that thought is to me now... he is so great, ya know... he just fits me and i love that. it's like God knew (well, i know He did) but sometimes i just have moments where i am like "GOD! you SO know me by giving me this guy!" it's crazy to me in those moments and at the same time i praise God for a husband that fits me in the fun times and in times that aren't so fun or are hard or even when we aren't too happy with each other. i really am so thankful for each and every moment, good and bad... i have never learned so much as i have on this journey and what is even better is that it is not over. i love this adventure with shawn and even more i love this road that God has taken me down in life, blessing me with a husband who seeks after Him more than anything else. i love that in our vows shawn and i both promised to not only love each other but to minister with each other... and i would even add to that now, to minister to each other! i know life isn't perfect and relationships and marriages aren't perfect either... it all hasn't been, but like i said before i wouldn't take a moment back. i know that God has used this marriage to teach me about relationships and myself and how i need to work on those kind of things, but even more i praise God for teaching me about Himself... about His unconditional love and grace... so great right, that God uses people to teach us more about Him... we are made in His image right? so i guess that makes a little sense... God guide us! i know you have for the last 9 years and i know you will into the future!