Wednesday, March 21, 2012

resounding melodies

God is working.  as i have blogged on this site on and off for several years, something great has taken place in my own heart and mind.  the theme of longing for home has become not only a post or two online, but a challenge to my pursuits and perspectives.  more and more i am confronted with this longing for home and how it affects and pervades all that i do and run after.  i praise our Savior for this great and continuing work in my life.  something i know is that so many others are out there doing the same, seeking first His KINGDOM and not the one that we currently find ourselves enduring.  something else i know, and experience, is the lack of our accountability and conversation about this pursuit.  

i was considering the thought of being attracted to the things of the world... so often our current dwelling is full of alluring items and activities.  as these can be quite hard to leave on the wayside, usually, though not always, we are able to choose well and make decisions that portray our heart that longs for home.  what i have considered, however, is that while it can be easy or hard (depending on the day) to put aside the things of the world, i usually have a much harder time if i find my brother or sister tiptoeing in such waters.  my thoughts go where any human, sin mangled mind would and i begin to make excuses for why i should take part as well.  everything about living in this world and the alluring affairs in it's possession work their way into the nooks and crannies of life.  they sneak into the sneakiest parts and affect our friends and those with whom we walk this narrow road.... and as we all know from too much experience they affect us, our lives, our choices and our relationships.  

i don't want to make someone else long for anything in this world.  i want to cause them to long for Jesus... i want to challenge them to prepare themselves for the moment they will finally be united with Him, in full completion.  sadly, i know there are so many times where my conversation is full of much that would cause my companions to want our current kingdom.  tainted and stained, imperfect and lackluster, rusted and moldy.  my actions and what i pursue must at times cause others to pursue the incorrect as well.  i want to point people to our Savior.  to give up this waste filled dwelling for one that exceeds even the best of our present residence.  the comparison is palpable and prominent.  why i so often toss aside my Sacrificial Savior, as i scrape off scum from this earth, is beyond me.  and even more so... as i consider my responsibility and the way my actions and conversation could possibly affect another one of Jesus' children... the burden becomes so very real.  

may my works and words sing out with longing for the eternal...
as they resound may the melody be caught in the ears and hearts of others...
sing loud so i can hear you too...

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  1. You are such a beautiful writer. I find myself thinking about this often, thank you so much for sharing, I love you!